Sunday, February 20, 2011

Fraser Park Restaurant aka Anton's Place

 4663 Byrne Road, Burnaby, BC

There certainly has been a lot of chatter about this place on the food blogs.  In fact Buddha Boy over at Food for Buddha has taken on a new video project with Anton.  After reading again about this place, it was time for BR and I to check it out.  We called up S and D, a plan was formulated to venture out of our usual dim sum meet and try out Fraser Park.

It was a spectacular day, so BR and I took Veronica (topless of course!) and cruised down by the river.  Fraser Park is in quite a hidden location....tucked inside an industrial park. Veronica is my convertible.... she did a fabulous job getting us there!

When we arrived the parking lot was jammed...since it was a Saturday the other businesses were closed.  My first thought was, "all these cars are for Fraser Park?".....YUP, the place was packed. We were there about 11:00 on a Saturday morning.  There was a steady stream of people coming and going while we were there.

Well as all other reviewers get a ton of food the the $$.
Anton is German and his wife is Filipino....the daily specials rotate from German fare to Asian fare

BR and I shared the large German Breakfast.  This food blogging is going straight to my hips!

Bacon, Sausage, Ham, Schnitzel, 3 Eggs, Potatoes, Potato Pancake and Toast!  So big, this is served on 2 plates.  $9.95

We were busy chatting and I forgot to take photos of S and D's meals.  S had the Schnitzel Burger....again a huge portion and D had Pancakes with Bacon....yup really big.

Anton came by our table so I introduced myself as a blogger.  What a lovely man.  Even though his restaurant was jammed full of customers, he took the time to chat with us several times during the course of our visit.

Each time he stopped by, he dropped a little something off for us to try...lucky us.  I didn't take photos of's a sampling of some of the goodies Anton treated us to.

His momma's Pickled Beet Salad

Anton's new Sausage Creation

We chatted about sausage as I love making sausages too.....Anton's sausages are naked....barren of casing.  Anton believes that sausage casings are too pricey, so he goes naked.  His sausages were very tasty.  Nice spice combination. I hope he will feature his sausage recipes on his video blog.  

My preference though is sausage in casing....I agree that sausage casing is very costly.  When I make 10 lbs of sausages I usually spend about $20 for casings....... It usually costs less for the meat than the casings....go figure.  Does anyone have a good source out there for sausage casing? 
I have been getting them from my local butcher.  I asked at Costco once and they won't sell their casings....too bad :-(

Fraser Park is an interesting cafe.  It's really busy and a great spot for people watching. The menu is quite large, with an ever changing specials of the day menu......and large sandwich counter. 
Coffee is basically a bottomless just gotta get off your rear end and get it yourself.
The food is plentiful and decent in that "greasy spoon sorta way".  When you are really hungry.......give Fraser Park a try. 

Get a table and order from the counter...... enjoy the charm of this rustic casual eatery.  


  1. Where do you purchase your sausage casings? I get my supply from Supreme Meats in Burnaby.

  2. HI BB,
    I get sausage casings from a local butcher shop in Richmond. They make their sausages in house. It is convenient and I can buy a small amount from them....but it really is costly. I can't remember what it is per pound though. Do you have to get a large amount from Supreme much per pound?

  3. Sorry, I didn't follow up with you on this. I don't recall how much the price was, but the last time I purchased it, over a year ago, I spend around $35. There was a lot, I filled over $15 lbs of meat and still had more than 60% of the casings left. The butcher at Surpreme todl me to keep adding salt to the unused portion every time I took some out to preserve it. I ended up throwing the rest away because I got it all tangled and was too lazy to fix it.