Saturday, February 19, 2011

Chowtimes Chowdown at Shanghai House in Richmond

BR and I joined Ben and Suanne and a table full of other Chowtimers for a great meal last night.  It seems my previous post on Shanghai House piqued Ben's interest over at Chowtimes and before you know it....a Chowdown happens!

I was a bit overwhelmed by the amount of food and the commotion....not in a bad way, but kind of a stunned way.  The only photo I took was at the very end of the meal.  Still have a way to go on my blogger skills, eh?

Andrea, who is from Shanghai, did all the ordering, so each dish that arrived was a nice surprise.  I could see Suanne was working hard, trying to decipher what we were eating from the menu.  It's funny, if you can order in Chinese you get pretty much what you expect...sometimes the English translations can be very confusing and of course the infamous "special sauce" which may or may not be the same special sauce appears on many of the dishes....anyways, I digress.

Shanghai House served up a pretty good dinner to our group of 16.  Andrea ordered a vast variety of dishes from dim sum to crab.  At one point BR and I thought we might be eating a giant heart of some crazy beast.........but  it was merely a gynormous cuttle fish!
It was great to try some authentic Shanghainese cuisine. The best part of the evening was meeting so many like minded foodies.  The conversations were entertaining and the laughs made my heart smile.  Thank you all for being a part of a great Friday night meal......such a great start to our weekend.  BR and I will likely do some more fooding today!!
As for a specific review of this dinner, you will have to wait for Ben and Suanne's review.

Oh ya....from now on I am going to start referring to Ben as Ben and Suanne.  You know, it seems Ben gets all the fame, but behind the scenes, it appears that it is Suanne who is doing all the work...
Suanne is very organized at writing and recording everything as it happens.  I'm sure Chowtimes would not be the same without her........isn't that right Ben :-)

Do you think I have any hope in training BR to do the same for A Wok in The Tuscan Kitchen?

Looking forward to our next food adventure with all of you!


  1. Wow the first post from the dinner last night. It was really a good dinner and meeting people behind their blog names. The food was good and plentiful. I lost count of the number of dishes we ate. Had to wait for Ben's post.

    Greyelf, sorry to call you last night. I saw an Andrea in the list of attendees and I thought it was you. I was running a bit late so I was trying to contact Ben.

  2. Absolutely, Joyluckclub ... Suanne does all the heavy lifting in the production of each post. Frankly, chowtimes will not be anything like what it is without her at all. It is not only what you see on the table where she so meticulously records everything but she is the one who structures each post (i.e. process the pictures, loads pictures, verifying the facts, updating urbanspoon ... hehehe ... correcting my grammar because I am so lazy to proof read my own posts). All I do is just sit down to a nicely organized post and just add in the flowery words ... oh and take all the glory. Nope, it is not Ben and Suanne who did the posts. It is more of Suanne and Ben. :-)

    Great to meet you and BR again. It was such great fun isn't it? The food was great but it is the company I love so much. I tell myself how amazing it is that most of everyone met each other for the first time and yet we were laughing and sharing with each other like we had know each other for years.

    Hehehe ... I really hope to see BR writes something on this blog too. This is because you are such an unique couple -- ying and yang sort of thing. LOL!

  3. good times, lots of laughs and good food! It was nice meeting you and B. you 2 are so bubbly and jolly.

    patch thought it's funny when you mentioned that i seem fiesty in some of my posts... it's like you've known me for years! haha what's funny is that i've been holding back too :)

  4. Hi Suanne, Ben and Mo.....
    I'm going to update my profile with unique, bubbly and jolly!....haha

    Thanks for commenting...for me this is one of the "rewards" for writing.

  5. BR wrote;
    Exactly whom are you referring to as "jolly"?