Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A New Kitchen Gadget.......and BR Cooks!

I've been under the weather for a few days....OK, that was polite.
Truth is, I have caught something bad....really bad and it's just ugly
or more accurate.......I'm just ugly!

Pea Soup (not really a pretty soup, is it?)

The Good News.  BR can cook!

We bought a new induction cook top, mainly to use for hot pot.  It was fabulous for our inaugural hot pot on Saturday night.

BR decided he wanted to get further acquainted with it.  Every pot in the cupboard was tried on the cooker.......just to see if it would work.
He put a bit of water into the bottom of each pot and patiently placed each one onto the induction cooker and waited to see if it would beep and turn itself off (when the electromagnetic charges can't conduct the cooker beeps 3 times, then turns itself off).
A lot of beeping and clanging happened in the kitchen.
At the end of his experiment, he proudly appeared in the bedroom, looking all proud and smug with a huge armful of pots and pans in his arms.

More good news.  We have quite a few pots that will work on this induction cooker.
BR is so thoughtful to entertain me when I am unwell.  We can tell him about using magnets another time.

Laying semi-conscious in the bed listening to BR conducting his scientific research my thoughts started to fixate on a good bowl of homemade chicken soup.
Hmm....wonder if I could get BR to put on a pot of soup by remote control?

Well, he certainly could!
I gave short, concise instructions from the bed and lo' and behold......Chicken Soup!

Anyways, I think it was chicken soup.  I couldn't taste or smell anything at this point, so really I'm not sure.  I had some and it had the nice warming, comforting effect, but in all honesty I couldn't tell you what it tasted like.
BR had a couple of servings and asked if there would be some left for him afterwork.  I guess this is a good sign.  He liked it and wanted more.

Fast forward to the next day.  I am feeling quite a bit better, can lift my head off the pillow and can smell BR's coffee brewing.  Do you think that the chicken soup cured me?
.....I think it might have.

Following the success of the Chicken Soup adventure (sorry, no pics folks.......did I mention I am not well :-(  )
I thought, "wonder if I could do the same remote control cooking and get some Ham and Pea soup today."

Well hot worked!
BR made yummy Split Pea and Ham Soup on the induction cooker.

More good news.  The induction cooker cuts the cooking time by almost the case of split pea and ham anyways.  We had a yummy thick pot of soup to enjoy in just over an hour.
I'll report back on other recipes that I am eager to try.......maybe all day ragu will only take a couple of hours.

The best news of all.
I am starting to feel quite a bit better so will post the recipe for BR's Ham and Split Pea Soup in the next couple of days.
The Ham and Split Pea Soup was good, really really good.

Did I mention BR can cook!!


  1. Oh goodie! Now we have 2 cooks for my weekend stay-overs. Can't wait to see what dishes BR masters by the spring.

    Garen Guru

  2. give me some suggestions and I'll start programming the remote control!

  3. After hearing about your hotpot yesterday, we decided to have hotpot at home tonight. We were curious how much it will cost cooking at home compared to eating at a hot pot restaurant. Will blog about it! Ben

  4. Hey Ben and Suanne....
    Thanks for stopping by my l'il ol' blog.

    I just posted about our most recent "AYCE" hot pot adventure...check it out!