Monday, January 31, 2011

Life is Good! It's even better when you go TOPLESS

A Perfect January SUNday in Vancouver!

If you live in Vancouver, I’m sure you will agree that yesterday was a perfect day.
The sun was shining and it was a balmy 5 degrees by mid-afternoon.

As I woke up and each eyelid relectantly opened up, I realized that the sun was shining and the sky was clear blue.   Awesome!
It was the perfect excuse to waken BR with my charming musical good morning song……….he loves this…just ask him :-)

The sun was shining and we hadn’t seen it for days.  I knew we couldn’t waste a minute of this day.
We got the chores done, went out for brunch and then had the rest of the day to play.  Well, I had the rest of the day to play…BR had to go to work.

Yea sure, there were many more chores that I could have done…the cleaning up for Chinese New Year, laundry, sorting out the cupboards etc…but that’s not how I wanted to spend this day, no way!

Of late, I have decided that I am not going to let this life pass me by too quickly. My dear friend C has has left a legacy.
I’m having a good time everyday; spending time with family and friends, staying connected, pushing my personal boundaries...just a bit, eating/cooking up a storm and even trying to shed a few extra pounds.  Life is good! 

It was the perfect day to cruise our gorgeous city..........topless.  Yes, topless!
At first, BR thought I was crazy.  I think he was jealous. 
Crazy…well maybe I am.  Do you know what?……….Vancouver must be full of crazy people.  I happen to adore crazy people!

Veronica (my new convertible) and I were amongst good company.  All over town people were driving around with their tops down, smiling and basking in the glorious sunshine.   Who says you’re crazy to consider owning a convertible in Vancouver.  The knowing looks and smiles from other convertible owners was a testament to the fact.....convertibles are a really good thing.  I always feel about 10 years younger when I'm topless.
It was like, ya… life is GOOD!  For sure, this is a day that will go into my memory bank.

I didn’t want to be selfish and enjoy this all by myself so I went around and collected Dee. She didn’t take a whole lot of convincing…Veronica cruised up to her front door and there was Dee, standing curbside, bundled up and all ready to go!
Dee and I had a good ol’ catch up as we cruised Stanley Park and the sights of our fabulous city.  Beach Drive was spectacular and believe me there were as many people enjoying the beaches as there is typically in July…. of course they were a bit more bundled up.  Going topless has the added bonus of breathing in the beautiful  aromas.  Do you know how good our city smells? Salty sea air, cedar woods, buttery popcorn, caramelized onions, smokies......mmmmm

Ok, I know you’re thinking…yeah, yeah enough of this babbling…where's the bloody food in this post?

Well... BONUS! Garden Guru made dinner for us!

Not only is he a master in the garden, he can whip up a pretty amazing Sunday dinner too!   So no recipes today, just enjoy the photos of Garden Guru’s yummy SUNday dinner.

Baby Butter Lettuce Salad,
dressed lightly with Garden Guru's amazing dressing of Balsamic,  “candied” fried onions and fennel pollen.

Stuffed Green Peppers,
comforting and healthy…chock full of grains (barley, buckwheat and millet) combined with beefy goodness and topped with a hearty, flavorful tomato sauce.

Oh, and in case you are feeling bad for BR and thinking he missed out.....he was greeted by a doggy bag when he returned home from work.  

This is what was left on the counter!  

Thank you Dee and Garden Guru for making an impromptu SUNday into a perfect day!

I hope you all enjoyed SUNday as much as I did!
Oh, and remember all those chores I decided to ignore.......when I woke up today ..........they were all still here!

While on this little adventure, this tune popped up on my iPod.
Madeleine Peyroux, sums up my sentiments of this perfect day quite nicely with "Don't Wait Too Long"


  1. And to think I had just left -20 C in Calgary! Amazing how a Sunday can turn into a SUNday. Thanks for the cruise through the park on such a glorious day. And thanks GG for dinner!

  2. Glad you enjoyed dinner. "Could you imagine how much better that would have been if it was cooked in a wood-fired oven?"

  3. oh ya....wood fired anything is going to be incredible! Can't wait....
    Is it Spring yet?

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