Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Gifts that Re-Inspired Me!

Hello and Happy New Year!

It's been a while.
We didn't get Shanghai'd or thrown into a prison in China for being bad visitors......you can't access blogs from China!  Who knew?

Since being back, I have thought about my little blog quite a bit and have had a few comments about the lack of posts.  Life happens!  Please forgive my absence.

I have been re-inspired.
There were many things I saw in China that I thought...wow, that would be great to share.....
The memoirs of China will be sprinkled throughout my upcoming posts.
It's been difficult to focus in on something to post about.  Today it finally came to me. Hopefully this is the inspiration I need to keep writing.

I chose the name, "A Wok in the Tuscan Kitchen" in hopes of combining the two things that represent who I am as a home cook.  If you have been reading the previous posts, you will certainly know about the great garden makeover project, led by Garden Guru. We enjoyed some very yummy offerings from the garden last summer.  I suppose I should clarify, we are not really living in Tuscany.  Home is a suburb of Vancouver, British Columbia.

The Tuscan style of cooking, it's simplicity and the freshness of quality ingredients is what I try to incorporate into our daily meals.

The Wok.....well that's a given.
Being Chinese, in actuality, CBC (Canadian Born Chinese), the Wok is one of the most essential pieces of equipment.

I suppose I could have named the blog "A Cleaver in the Tuscan Kitchen", but somehow that just doesn't have the same ring.

The first gift of inspiration.

The second gift of inspiration.
Well, some might classify it as a re-gift.  I on the other hand, gratefully received this as an inheritance!  
Thanks Mom and Dad.....and aunty Cathy too!

A Very powerful propane burner...just look at all those jets.
Can't you just taste the wok hai? (breath of the wok....that intense smokey flavor)

The third gift of inspiration. 
Thank you Garden Guru!

Amazing stories from some of my favorite chefs

Garden Guru is currently working on the plans for the next phase of the garden.  
The Cooking area.......
A Wood Fired Pizza Oven and now a propane burner to include in the plan.

So here it is everyone.....the Wok in the Tuscan Kitchen.
Looking forward to cooking on and posting on!


  1. Yippee! Glad to see you are back up and writing! Love the video clip. I think we may need another photo night to keep the memories alive. Looking foward to offerings from the Wok!

  2. Thank you for your lovely comment and stopping by my blog! I would love to see your China pictures! We visited China in October 2007 and had trouble accessing blogs via Blogger. Using Open DNS at the time allowed access but this may not be true anymore.

    Thank you for sharing the kitchen in Zhongshan, China, it's very interesting, now I learned how it works!

  3. Hi Novi..
    Thank you for stopping in for a visit with us. It would be great to get together and share our China experiences.....will be in touch!