Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Tim Horton's.......Rrrroll Up the Rim. I am a WINNER!!!

On my way into work this morning, I decided to stop and pick up a coffee at Tim Hortons. 
Coffee is not normally part of my morning ritual, but this morning I felt like a needed a bit of a kick start!

To my surprise…..It’s Roll Up the Rim to Win…with more prizes and more chances to win! 
Sounds good eh?
I don’t normally pay attention to this kind of stuff, ever!

Well, guess what? 
I am a winner!

See what I revealed when I Rrrrolled up the rim?


Well let me tell you about my prize.  It’s probably way better than any of the items Tim is giving away.  It made my day and warmed my heart!

I drove up to the drive through window to get my large coffee. I had my $1.70 in hand to pay.
The server handed me my coffee, smiled and said, “the gentleman in the car ahead paid for your coffee this morning!”

Random Acts of Kindness…….wow what a fabulous start to this day!

Thank you, kind sir.  Such a lovely gesture!
You have brightened my day….
I feel like a winner thanks to your kind gesture.
You have inspired me to pay this forward and do the same for some unsuspecting person too!


  1. Oh wow. Truly amazing and such simple acts makes one look at the world differently. Tell you what, let me also do that for you ... go to any McDonalds tomorrow and tell them "Hi I am JoyLuckClub. I believe Ben has paid for a cup of coffee for me already". No serious, McDonalds will have you a small cup of coffee ... no questions asked. :-)


  2. Great story!
    I'm going to that myself...tomorrow.

  3. I think he looked at his rear view mirror and saw a gorgeous woman thats why he treated you. :)

  4. ben, i did what u said and it doesn't work in the states! LOL!