Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring Break?!?!

So, I am off for Spring Break and heading away for a well-deserved break.  The weather today at my destination doesn't exactly shout spring.......but what the hell.  
I will be visiting my amazing cousin.  He is a trained chef and a professional opera singer.........we are going to have a blast!  Music and Food......add a bit of wine, served up with great company......perfection!

Any suggestions for eateries in Toronto in case we run out of our own ideas?  

Check back, you may be treated to some interesting "drunk" blogging :-)

 After today, the weather forecast actually looks pretty decent!

If you are so inclined and out in our neck of the woods, stop in a check on BR....poor guy has to stay in town and work, whilst I go galavanting.  I've stocked the fridge with a bunch of homemade goodies, but I'm sure he wouldn't turn down a dinner invitation  :-)

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