Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tuesday Pizza

BR is a very lucky boy.
Recently I have been committed to better eating habits (translation = less) and so BR has not had much to choose from.  I relented tonight and decided it would be a good night for pizza.

Our favorite is Pizza Margherita.  In fact, such a favorite, it was gone before I could take a photo of it.

It was pretty easy to put together.
No Knead Dough in the fridge (I'll post this recipe later, promise)
Tomatoes ripening on the vine
Basil hanging on for dear life in the herb garden

OK, we didn't really scarf down an entire pizza in 3 minutes by ourselves.
We had help from M and R.
Since we were entertaining "guests" I also came up with a couple of other combinations.

"Hot and Spicy" .....Spicy Calabrese Salami and Mushrooms

Pepperoni, Mushrooms, Onions and Green Pepper

So would you agree with me?  BR is a lucky boy isn't he?


  1. This BR fellow seems to be a generous guy.

  2. The pizzas look amazing (translation = more...please). I think I may know who anonymous is.

  3. Much has happened since I last read your wonderful blog. The garden and the pizzas look amazing! Everyone who visits you and BR are very lucky.
    P.S. I also think I know who Anonymous is.